The summer of 2022 is our Circumbalticum summer. For three months we will be travelling around the Baltic Sea in our motor home. However, we will not drive along the Baltic coast, but will follow a somewhat larger radius: On June 17, we will take the ferry from Travemünde to Liepāja in Latvia. We want to get to know the Baltic countries and will travel for a few weeks through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. At some point we will take the ferry to Helsinki. We will cross Finland relatively fast from south to north to experience the midnight sun at the Barents Sea if possible. From there we will follow the Norwegian coast to Ålesund, where we have rented a vacation home for the middle of August. We will meet Julian, Henny and Uwe there. One week we will fish, hike and stare at the sea together. After the week Julian will be on the road with Gaby and me camper for another week before we drop him off in Bergen. Then Gaby and I will have about three more weeks to have a look around southwest Norway and go back home to Fürth.
In irregular intervals I will publish more detailed travel reports here. In parallel, there are always pictures and little stories on the Instagram account, which I created especially for this trip: circumbalticum

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Here you can find some of the most beautiful drone photos from that trip.